Andover Chess Club 2017-2018

Despite the tone of these rules, the Andover Chess Club has been a great place to learn, improve, and meet new people.  The kids in the club are generally excellent at the club.


1) All children under the age of 12 must have an adult/guardian supervisor present at all times.  Parents are not to drop off young players and then leave.  You are to stay and make sure young players are behaving properly.  Each parent or guardian is responsible for the behavior of the children they bring to the club.  THERE IS NO SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN EXCEPT THAT PROVIDED BY PARENTS OR GUARDIANS. CHILDREN WITHOUT ADEQUATE SUPERVISION OR THOSE MAKING EXCESSIVE NOISE WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.  “Excessive” is defined solely by Mike Henroid or other officers of the Andover Chess Club. 

1a) Parents with children 12 and over may leave their child at the club at the discretion of Mike Henroid provided acceptable behavior standards are met.  Kids must be picked up by 8:45 pm.  ACC is not responsible for your kids

2) No running inside the club.

3) Don’t touch anything in the church basement not intended for chess.

4) Don’t play the piano.

5) Don’t open the cabinets near the kitchen.

5) No food or drinks other than water allowed inside the church basement.  Please bring your own water.  There is no fountain in the church basement.

6) During tournaments please keep talking to an absolute minimum while games are being played and absolutely no discussing tournament games that are in progress.  During tournament games, do not distract your opponent by talking.  After a game is finished reset the pieces.  If a dispute arises during a tournament game, pause the clock and call over the tournament director. 

Any parental involvement in a tournament game will result in the loss of their child’s game.  Any faces, whispers, pointing, mouthing of words, gyrations, comments about pieces, touch move, or the clock in any game which any person not involved in is a VIOLATION of tournament rules and could result in a penalty.

7) Talking (quietly) is allowed in the main hall space during Casual Games, but yelling is not. If people cannot play “bughouse” chess without making too much noise, we will ban it. 

8) Be careful with the chess sets. Pick up any pieces that fall on the floor.  When you finish a game, set the pieces up to make sure you have not lost any.  When putting the pieces away, make sure you have a complete set.

9) When playing with a clock, don’t bang it, and press the clock with the same hand used to move the piece.  Treat the chess clocks with care. 

10) Don’t crowd the tournament director when he is making pairings. Don’t stand on his side of the table.  Don’t touch the computer.

11) Don’t go into the nursery school area.  Just don’t.  This area will be available during weekend tournaments only for parents and skittles.

12) Don’t sit on the stack of chairs.

13) Don’t loiter in the foyer or play on the bannister.

14) Help the club by setting up and putting things away before/after club meetings.

15) Help keep the bathrooms clean and orderly.

16) Disparaging comments and bullying is not tolerated and could result in the expulsion of kid or family. On the flip side, don’t quickly overreact to normal kid behavior.  Please bring issues with members to the immediate attention of Mike Henroid or other club officer.

17) ACC Club membership is required for all ACC club matches, and special events.  New in 2017-2018: There will be a member and non-member rate for all tournaments.

18) USCF membership (can be purchased through the club) and is required for rated play during tournaments.  This allows you to get an official chess rating!

19) No tournament play without cash payment or payment by check.  If applicable, proof of USCF membership in good standing for rated play.  Checks made out to Andover Chess Club are fine.

20) ACC Membership is $25 per family, per school year.  Any member family joining February 1st or later should pay $15 for the rest of the school year.

21) Check the calendar at to know what is going on that night.  Please double-check in case the club can not be opened some week.

22) All remote inquiries to

23) Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

24) Be friendly – talk to new members and ask them to play.  Make them welcome and give them pointers.  Parents:  please reach out to new parents at the club.

25) All rated tournaments (regular, quickchess, blitz) are played under USCF rules including touch-move.