Henry He Qualifies For Spiegel Cup

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On Tuesday, December 15th Henry He (7 year old from Andover), won the 3rd qualification tournament for the 2016 Spiegel Cup for the 8 & Under section.

Winning 1.5 points in the first 2 rounds, Henry’s only option was to win two ‘must-win’ games against his components to force a playoff for the only qualifying spot.  Henry conquered in the sudden-death playoff and thus secured his spot in the 2016 Spiegel Cup! The cup is to take place this coming March.

Congratulations to Henry He!

Henry earned a post-tournament rating of 1345 and has potential to be listed in the top 20 NATIONALLY for Age 8 & under! The rating list will be updated and posted this January . Great progress for one of our club “regulars” who has only been playing tournaments since May!

The Spiegel Cup is the Massachusetts State Scholastic Chess Championship. Ten players qualify for the age-based sections by virtue of their rating (top 5 in the state), by winning 1 of 4 qualifying vents, or by winning the Spiegel Cup Championship series of tournaments with the most points. 



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